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Hearing Exam

Stressed Before a Hearing Test? Don't Be

Hearing tests are much-needed medical exams that help determine if you have hearing loss. Diagnosing the exact degree of your potential hearing loss is impossible without taking a hearing test from a trained professional. While the importance of these exams cannot be understated, it is still extremely common to be stressed and nervous before heading to the audiologist. These are the four best ways to calm your anxiety before and during your next hearing test.

Stay Calm, Do Not Panic

Having your doctor tell you to take a hearing test can instantly create a sense of panic, even if it is meant to be part of a routine checkup. It is easy for bad thoughts to start racing through your mind. You may begin to believe that your hearing may be getting worse if the doctor decides to schedule a test. You need to find a way to clear these negative thoughts from your mind as quickly as possible. There are many reasons why a hearing test may be scheduled, so there is no reason to instantly panic. For peace of mind, you can take a free online hearing test in the comfort of your own home.

It Is Best to Know If Your Hearing Has Changed

Once the initial panic subsides, it is time to start trying to see the potential benefits of getting a professional hearing test. It is impossible to cure hearing loss, so it is best to find any issues as early as possible. This will let you get the proper treatment to preserve your existing hearing. You do not want to completely lose your hearing just because you were too stubborn and scared of the hearing test. There is also a realistic chance that your hearing has stayed the same. It may be scary, but knowing the truth is always better than living in the dark.

Distract Your Mind Beforehand

There is a good chance the anxiety will return as soon as you arrive for your appointment. This is why bringing something that can help distract your mind in the waiting room is crucial. You may only have to sit there for a few minutes, but you still do not want the nerves to take over. This will cause you to panic during the test. Read a book, play games on your phone, or watch a funny video.

Focus on the Sounds

The hearing test sound booth can feel very isolating when you are nervous. Make eye contact with the audiologist as soon as you enter the room. Making this human connection will eliminate your feelings of isolation. You then want to close your eyes for a few seconds and just focus on the sounds of the hearing test. Keeping your focus on the sounds will help calm your nerves and provide the best test results simultaneously.

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