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Hearing Screenings for Hearing Loss

Today, it’s estimated that over 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Despite incredible advancements with hearing aid technology, often times men and women, can go years before discovering they have a hearing loss, let alone treating it. Why? Most people overlook their hearing health and neglect to sit for a hearing evaluation. 

For many adults, 50 years and older, hearing problems develop gradually over time and are symptoms of the aging process, making hearing loss harder to detect. Most doctors recommend that anyone over the age of 50 receive annual hearing screenings as part of routine wellness care to identify hearing problems faster. Early detection and treatment lead to prolonged better hearing and a lower likelihood of other serious health problems.

Untreated hearing loss is associated with several severe health risks, including:

  • Increased Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Isolation
  • Frustration and Increased Irritability
  • Cognitive Difficulties and Conditions
  • Increased Risk of Dementia
  • Fatigue
  • Workplace Problems

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Sadly, many people's reaction when they begin to experience hearing problems is to ignore the situation or pass it off as “something they can live with” because they are embarrassed to admit they are having a problem. In fact, a simple hearing screening and proactive treatment with hearing aids would protect and preserve good hearing longer and allow you to fully enjoy life again without strain.


Offering Free Hearing Tests

Beltone has been an industry leader in hearing aids and hearing health for over 80 years. We offer free hearing tests that are comprehensive, personalized, and convenient. A hearing specialist will begin with a personalized hearing health assessment that familiarizes our staff with your needs.

Through a series of questions about your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, and habits, we begin to understand what you are experiencing. Then, state-of-the-art testing technology will perform a video ear scan and audiometric test. Your hearing care professional will explain and detail what they are doing and what the results are revealing through every step.

Hearing Tests

We Start With A “PHHA”

A personalized hearing health assessment is a series of questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and habits that allow our hearing care professionals to understand your hearing health. This includes getting to know environments you frequent most, your surroundings at home, and what you enjoy doing.

Video Ear Scan

The hearing screening process begins with a video otoscope exam. This allows the hearing health practitioner to see your eardrum and ear canal on a digital display. A video ear scan can help discover if there are obstructions or natural reactions that are causing your hearing problems. You might be experiencing some form of hearing loss that can be treated or corrected, such as an ear infection or earwax issue. The scan is non-invasive and painless.

Audiometric Testing

Your hearing care specialist will then use computerized equipment to identify the cause and full extent of your hearing loss. This is done by testing your hearing with a range of sounds at various pitches to discover what you have trouble hearing. We can measure the entire spectrum of natural hearing to ensure the screening results are customized to your current hearing capabilities.

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Our friendly hearing care professionals will make sure that you understand every step of the process and are comfortable throughout the test. If we discover that hearing aids are the solution for you, our exclusive Beltone AVE system allows patients to screen out the latest Beltone hearing aids and begin the process of finding the right hearing aid for you.

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Take the first step towards better hearing by calling (800) 900-6187 or scheduling a hearing screening through our online scheduler.