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early hearing loss treatment

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss Early

While hearing loss may seem like one problem, it actually affects all areas of your health. From your social well-being to your mental health, hearing loss can affect it all. Getting treated with hearing aids as soon as you notice that you have hearing loss is vital. You need to help reduce the negative effect it has on other areas of your health.

Hearing Loss Affects Cognition

When you have hearing loss that progresses on its own, it can lead to cognitive overload. Your brain puts so much effort into hearing that it will divert energy away from things like memory. Untreated hearing loss is well-known to affect a person's high-level cognitive functions.

Increased Dementia Risk

Many researchers have published papers on the topic of dementia and hearing loss. These show that those with untreated hearing loss have a hard time with memory and thoughts. This is when compared to older adults who have normal hearing. Additionally, seniors who have hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia.

Brain Shrinkage

While no one likes to think about it, the brain does shrink as we age. This progress often happens at a gradual rate. But, studies show that it becomes fast-tracked when you have untreated hearing loss. Using hearing aids can help to slow down the natural process of brain shrinkage.


The progress of hearing loss that is not treated has led to increased risks of depression. One study focused on older adults with untreated hearing loss and mental health. They found that they were 57% more likely to develop depression than those with hearing.


Another key issue that is common in those with untreated hearing loss is a higher risk of falling. One study showed that those with untreated hearing loss had three times the risk of falling. It's thought that the brain uses resources used for balance to help try and hear the sounds around them.

For all these reasons, it's never a good idea to let hearing loss progress without treatment. Hearing aids are a great way to help treat hearing loss and reconnect with the world around you. Those who wear hearing aids are at a much lower risk for developing these mental health issues.

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