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Technology at Your Fingertips: Beltone Apps and Volume Control

Experiencing hearing loss can pose a significant challenge for many people. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to hearing aids discourages many from seeking the necessary help, worsening their hearing problems. However, Beltone offers a range of hearing aids that not only improve hearing quality but also come with advanced technologies such as Beltone’s HearMax App and volume control. In this blog, we will discuss how Beltone’s hearing aids help individuals control their hearing aid volume and enjoy a comfortable hearing experience.

Beltone HearMax App

Beltone’s HearMax App is one of the most valuable features for Beltone hearing aid users. This app allows users to conveniently control their hearing aid volume to the desired hearing level. The app is easy to use, doesn't require technical skills, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

The HearMax App has a simple interface that displays all the hearing aid settings, including sound mode, program, volume, and battery life. With this app, users can customize their hearing aid volume to match their specific listening environments, such as noisy places, music concerts, or quiet rooms.

Sound Enhancer

Another way Beltone hearing aid users can control their volume is through the ‘Sound Enhancer’ feature in the HearMax App. This feature enables users to enhance the sounds they wish to hear while minimizing background noise. It works by analyzing the sound composition in a specific environment and adjusting the hearing aid’s volume accordingly. Beltone hearing aids also come with personalized options, such as the Beltone Remote Control app that helps users adjust their volume settings.

Beltone Achieve’s 360-degree Surround Sound

Beltone’s 360-degree surround sound feature is another popular feature that helps users control their hearing aid volume. The 360-degree surround sound feature enables users to focus on the sound in front of them while reducing the noise from behind. This feature works well in busy open spaces and situations where users need to focus on specific sounds, such as voices or music. The sound quality produced by Beltone hearing aids remains crisp and clear, providing users with a comfortable and enjoyable sound experience.

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Many people worldwide experience the common issue of hearing loss. Fortunately, technology and advancements in hearing aids, such as Beltone's HearMax App and volume control, have made it easier for individuals to manage their hearing loss. 

Beltone Chicago offers a range of hearing aids that come with advanced features that allow users to customize their volume and create a comfortable listening environment that suits their needs. With Beltone’s range of hearing aids and convenient app features, individuals can enjoy their favorite sounds with confidence and ease. Book an appointment with Beltone to improve your hearing experience today.