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Hearing Services for All Patients

At Beltone Chicago, our dedication to improving hearing health and your quality of life extends beyond providing the latest hearing aids. This includes our commitment to comprehensive free hearing screenings and your hearing health long-term. Beltone combines cutting-edge digital hearing aids with personalized services and support for the lifetime of your hearing devices.

  • BelCare Benefits
  • Hearing Aid Repairs & Servicing
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Payment Assistance
  • and MORE!

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Free Lifetime BelCare™ Service Plan

Each of our Beltone hearing aids comes paired with our industry-leading BelCare service plan to provide protection and care for the life of every hearing aid. With over 1,500 Beltone locations across the nation included in our network, you are protected and can find assistance throughout the country.

Whether you move in the future or are simply traveling hundreds of miles away from your local office, your hearing aid is covered at a Beltone near you.

  • 30-day refund policy
  • Annual Beltone hearing evaluations
  • BelCare lifetime care
  • Adaptations to new hearing aids
  • Warrant and 'lost, stolen, and damaged' coverage
  • Patient care phone line
  • Minimum loss required for hearing aids
  • Better hearing verification
  • Quality control review
  • Two-year protection for changes in hearing loss
  • Code of ethics

Hearing Aid Repairs & Servicing

Every Beltone hearing aid comes with an exceptional product warranty. This includes a free hearing aid cleaning that we recommend completing every three months to ensure your hearing aid continues to perform correctly. When you come in, our staff will diligently clean your hearing aid and take the time to inspect the device. A hearing care specialist will also check with you to find out if you hear well in different listening environments.

If your hearing aid needs repairs, our staff will do everything they can to repair your hearing aid in the office. If it is necessary to send your device to the factory for serious repairs, our experienced technicians will work quickly to get your hearing aid working correctly as soon as possible. When this occurs, we will work with you to provide a loaner aid that will be tuned to you so that you are not left without a hearing aid while repairs are completed.

Beltone is experienced in working with many insurance companies to help you take full advantage of your available insurance benefits. Our financing specialists will help you avoid confusion from trying to understand different insurance plans and possible options, taking the stress out of the process to allow you to focus more on your hearing health.

We understand that budgetary concerns, at times, prevent people from being able to place their quality of life first. At Beltone, we offer financing options to allow patients to concentrate on improving their hearing health without sacrificing your budget. Included options are:

  • 0% APR, "Same as Cash" plans available with approved credit
  • Care Credit and AllWell Financing
  • Extended financing options available

Ready to Start Hearing Better?

Take the first step towards better hearing by calling (800) 900-6187 or scheduling a hearing screening through our online scheduler.