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For over 80 years, Beltone has been a premier leader in hearing care and hearing aid technology. When it is time to find the right hearing aid, our professional and attentive hearing care specialists will help you discover which Beltone digital hearing aid is perfect for your needs.

Beltone’s diverse selection of award-winning models and styles feature customizable features and the latest technology to provide you with a more natural hearing experience.

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Beltone Hearing Aids

Choosing Your New Hearing Aid

There are a few key factors that you should consider when you are looking for the right hearing aid:

Style and Design

Choose the best Beltone hearing solution that is tailored to your unique hearing needs.

Essential Features

Control how you hear in the environments and situations you interact with regularly.

Support and Customer Care

Offered with the purchase of your new hearing aid and throughout the life of the device.

The First Steps

The first step to better hearing is to schedule a free hearing test at Beltone Chicago. There are several degrees of hearing loss, and everyone’s hearing loss is different. For some, hearing loss occurs slowly over several years, and for others, hearing loss escalates quickly due to an array of health conditions, medication interactions, or trauma.

During the free hearing test, a Beltone Chicago hearing care specialist will perform a series of assessments that uncover the type and level of hearing loss present, if any. Just as important to the process is understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and personal hearing needs to ensure we select the best hearing aid for you.

For example, do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Babysit your grandkids? Attend a book club at a noisy restaurant every Thursday? The type of life you lead impacts the hearing solution our specialists will recommend.

See which Beltone Hearing Aids are best for your hearing needs:

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Beltone Digital Hearing Aids Offer More Personalized Devices

Beltone has pioneered advancements in digital hearing care solutions. Our award-winning 2.4ghz hearing aids automatically adapt so that the hearing experience is completely tailored to the individual.

Beltone digital hearing aids provide natural and customized sound in all environments using the latest microprocessors and technology. They collect and analyze more incoming sounds and adjust for your hearing levels, translating the signals into sound waves that will result in a natural, three-dimensional sound in your ear and auditory nerve. Beltone pairs this amazing personalized clarity with the latest features so that your digital hearing aid can pair with your cell phone or digital device, help with tinnitus, and even automatically adjust to cancel out feedback.

Devices and Personalization

Ready to Start Hearing Better?

Take the first step towards better hearing by calling (800) 900-6187 or scheduling a hearing screening through our online scheduler.