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Offering Hearing Aid Repair Service

Beltone Chicago understands that the road to better hearing is only just beginning once you purchase a hearing solution. That’s why Beltone hearing solutions come backed by BelCare – our exclusive free aftercare program – for the life of your hearing aids. Our seasoned practitioners have a thorough knowledge of competitive brands, so we also offer repairs and servicing for most makes and models.

Hearing Aid Services Include:

  • Hearing aid inspections and diagnostics
  • Hearing aid repairs in-office and by manufacturer
  • Hearing aid cleanings
  • Hearing aid adjustments
  • Hearing aid programming
  • Free 30-day hearing aid trials
  • Free annual hearing screening
  • Battery programs
  • Battery replacement
  • Trade-in programs
  • Home visits
  • Ear wax removal

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Factory Repair Center

Our licensed and experienced hearing care professionals can perform many common repairs and services at our local offices, often with same day service. If there is a serious problem and major repair work is necessary, Beltone hearing aids are quickly delivered to our exceptional Factory Repair Center, where they extensively screen each device and perform all repairs with certified Beltone parts. We guarantee that the investment you made when purchasing Beltone hearing aids is protected and that you receive the best service and assistance available.

Every repair that Beltone performs comes complete with a 6-month or 12-month warranty, and we can generally have any repair complete in a few days. Prices can vary depending on the service that needs to be done. Please contact your nearest Beltone location or use our easy online contact form to get in touch with our staff today if your device needs repairs.

Our hearing care specialists can also service most other hearing aid brands and models with the same superior quality parts as our best-in-class technicians while upholding most manufacturer warranties.


Ready to Start Hearing Better?

Take the first step towards better hearing by calling (800) 900-6187 or scheduling a hearing screening through our online scheduler.