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What Our Patients Are Saying

Our Beltone family is professionally committed to improving our patient’s quality of life by providing unmatched hearing healthcare, superior technology, and building trustworthy, long-lasting relationships generation after generation.

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[Since wearing Beltone hearing aids,] people now say, ‘Wow, you can hear me?’ Whereas before, they would talk louder because they knew I couldn’t hear them. Now they don’t have to talk as loud. They don’t have to annunciate words for me so that I can hear.”

– Patricia K.

I noticed I was having hearing difficulties in 1995, and I finally went in to get hearing aids, and what a difference it made! [Getting hearing aids] changed things to where I could hear and know what’s going on and not having to say ‘huh’ all the time. It’s well worth the time and experience to invest in your hearing.”

– Kenneth K.

I felt like I was missing out. I didn’t want to accept the fact that I was losing my hearing. I was missing the subtleties of movies, going to church, and not hearing everything the pastor said. [The biggest benefit to wearing my Beltone hearing aids] is hearing life in a more dynamic, clear way. Wow, it’s an experience like I started all over again with my life. It’s miraculous.”

– Avintino (Tino) C.

I’d lose interest in meetings because I couldn’t hear everybody in the meeting. [Now, with my Beltone hearing instruments,] I can monitor a meeting situation based on someone who speaks softly or somebody that’s at the far end of the room. I can turn one [hearing aid] up or turn one down. I go to a lot of conferences, and I really like the feature of being able to turn the background noise down. That works extremely well."

– Bruce F.

I originally went to a different company, and then I switched over to Beltone because I was unhappy with the first one. I seemed to have problems all the time [with the first company]. [With Beltone,] I could hear again. All kinds of new things. I could hear the refrigerator run, the birds sing, and even talk on the telephone a little better.”

– Anthony B.

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