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The Connection Between Autism and Hearing Loss
Autism is a behavioral, neurological disorder. Autism affects each person in different ways. In some cases, hearing loss may be connected with Autism.
Can My Medical Conditions Cause Me To Lose My Hearing?
Sometimes medical conditions and the prescription medication used to treat them can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Is yours one of them?
Ear Infections in Children: What You Need to Know
When your child has an ear infection, they will be in pain, and will need to be treated to make sure there are no hearing issues in the future.
Tips for Playing Sports with Hearing Aids
Here are some tips for adjusting your hearing aid settings to work better when competing in team sports and how to clean them to ensure they work properly.
What is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?
Noise-induced hearing loss can occur gradually from prolonged and repeated exposure to noise, so it is important to protect your hearing this summer.
Hearing Loss and Increased Risk of Falls
When many people think about the elderly falling, they attribute it to brittle bones. The reality is that hearing loss is a big contributor to falls in the elderly due to its effects on balance and mobility.
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