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3 Issues Caused By Swimmer's Ear

The auditory system is a complex network. These different parts allows a person to perceive sound. There are many natural safety measures in place. This is to prevent this system from being in harmful situations. Given the right circumstance, it still prone to damage.

One such condition which is not known by most is acute otitis externa. This is also known as swimmer’s ear. It is a complication that is quite painful. Swimmers are usually the victims of this, thus the name.

7 Ways To Decrease Your Dementia Risk

Dementia is not a particular illness. It is a type of mental disease. It can affect a person’s cognitive abilities, even one’s past memories. If you or a loved one experience this, then you know how crucial it is to try and avoid this condition.

The steps to take when trying to keep away from dementia are not hard. They are very much achievable. You only need discipline to add all these into your lifestyle.

4 Questions To Ask Your Audiologist

When it comes to your health, take nothing to chance. Be proactive and look for information that could benefit your health. Ask the right questions to better understand your condition. This also heps you to know the best steps to take. This could include treatment or prevention.

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