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Can Heart Disease Cause Hearing Loss?
Heart disease is a wide-ranging term for many ailments that affect the heart's structure and function. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 4 Americans die from cardiovascular disease.
Can Hearing Aids Help with Meniere's Disease?
Meniere’s Disease is an inner ear disorder that causes vertigo and dizziness that can last from hours to days, hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), or pressure build up in the ear.
What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Some children may have a hard time understanding what they hear. Although someone else might hear the difference in language, the child doesn't. Their ears do not interpret the sounds the same way someone else might. These children have something called Auditory Processing Disorder.

Preventing In-Flight Ear Pain

The pressure in your ears is the same as the air pressure outside. When pressure changes, it can cause ear pain. Your ears cannot adjust to this change fast enough leading to air and fluid trapped in the middle ear.

Hearing loss or a ruptured eardrum can occur in severe cases. This is what happens on airplanes. The air pressure changes when the plane ascends or descends. There are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of in-flight ear pain.


Could Your Headaches Be Caused by Your Ears

There are more than 300 types of Headache. Occipital Neuralgia, Mastoiditis, TMJ, and dental problems can cause pain behind the ear. If the pain gets worse, an ear infection could be to blame. If you are still running a fever or are experiencing unexpected weight loss, you need to see your doctor. If you have sudden, dangerous problems, get immediate medical attention. These include sudden lockjaw, severe pain, nausea, confusion, seizures, fatigue, or hearing loss. Your hearing care is vital.

3 Types of Headphones To Prevent Hearing Loss

Headphones are great to easily listen to things without worrying about the noise your device is making. Plus, it allows you plenty of privacy. This is a great feat of technology, but it also has its drawbacks.

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