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5 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Hearing Health
Proper hearing care is essential as it contributes to your quality of life. Here are five ways you can protect your hearing health today.
5 Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Dementia
Age may be the biggest risk factor for dementia, but there are some things that you can do now that can reduce your own risk.
Is Your Medication Causing Your Hearing Loss?
Hearing loss occurs when an individual cannot partially or entirely hear sounds in one or both ears. This usually happens gradually over time.
Foods that Can Boost Your Hearing Health
Believe it or not, hearing loss doesn't strictly affect the elderly. Around 35 million children worldwide suffer from hearing loss, and the problem is ever-growing.
Common Causes of Ear Infections
While some ear infections clear up on their own, others may persist and cause damage or hearing loss. You should seek treatment if you have the symptoms of an ear infection to avoid any complications.
Is it Okay to See a Hearing Specialist During COVID-19?
If you've noticed that your hearing has gotten worse but is unsure whether it's safe to venture out of the house, we're going to help you decide for yourself. At Beltone Chicago, our specialists follow all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety during your visit.
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