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Why Hearing Care Is Important For Your Health
Hearing care is vital for your overall health. Know how hearing care can affect your health and why you should be seen by a hearing professional.
What Will My First Hearing Test Be Like?
Getting a hearing test can help keep your hearing healthy. If you have never had a hearing test, you may wonder what will happen during your appointment.
Protect Yourself From Hearing Loss This Winter
As winter is approaching, you will want to do all that you can to protect yourself from hearing loss because your ears are sensitive to cold and moisture.
Tips For Driving Safely With Hearing Loss
It's not illegal to drive with hearing loss, but some states have requirements for drivers with hearing loss. It is important to stay safe while driving.
How Stress Can Affect Your Hearing Health
When you deal with high stress, it can cause a wide variety of health issues. That includes issues with hearing loss and other hearing problems.
Can Football Damage My Hearing Health?
Contact sports can cause damage to your hearing and mental health. By understanding the causes, you can work to better prevent these injuries.
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