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Wear hearing protection in loud environments, and get your hearing screened annually to preserve good hearing.

Hearing loss is typically a permanent, progressive condition and needs to be treated.

Untreated hearing loss causes social isolation and can lead to cognitive decline.

There are several warning signs of a hearing problem.

Unfortunately, once you lose your hearing, it's gone forever, and will continue to progress. Hearing aids preserve your brain's ability to hear your world and understand what's being said in conversations.

Yes! With Beltone’s AVE system we are able to allow patients to “test drive” a variety of hearing aids to assist in the decision-making process. We use a surround sound feature that lets you experience how you would now hear with the new device, and it even allows your loved ones to “hear” your unique hearing loss so they understand what you are experiencing. We also offer risk-free 30 day trials of your hearing aid. Contact us for more details.

Beltone develops and builds digital hearing aids that use state-of-the-art technology to allow users to hear more naturally over hearing aids of the past. Much like our phones and computers have changed drastically in recent decades, today’s hearing devices have changed remarkably.

A digital hearing aid is a hearing aid device that receives sound and breaks the sound waves up into tiny units prior to amplification. A traditional analog hearing aid simply makes the sound wave larger to amplify sounds. Digital hearing aids now adjust automatically to each person’s unique hearing needs and can adapt to almost any surrounding environment. The difference is a device that performs and adapts in ways that "old-fashioned" analog devices would never be capable.

Beltone understands that budgetary concerns can cause many people to ignore their own health, and we want everyone that needs a hearing aid to be able to afford it. Our staff will work closely with your insurance and benefits to make sure you receive the optimal benefits and prices possible. We also offer affordable payment options in a variety of lengths that allow many patients a chance to make hearing aids affordable.

We recommend that anyone who is having hearing related problems or already has some degree of hearing loss should come in for a hearing test every year. Most medical professionals also recommend yearly hearing exams for anyone at least aged 50. Early detection and developing personalized treatment is key to not suffering from other health conditions and a decreased quality of life.

To accurately answer this question our staff would need to conduct a hearing evaluation to assess your hearing health and determine if any hearing loss is present. Even if you are experiencing hearing loss, there are many cases where your hearing could be affected by something that can be corrected medically, such as an infection or blockage from earwax.

Beltone of Chicago offers free hearing tests with our licensed hearing care practitioners so that you can be evaluated first to discover the cause of your hearing problems. If no hearing loss is found, we’ll be the first to share the good news! If your situation calls for a hearing aid, our friendly staff will help you understand your options and even demonstrate different Beltone digital hearing aids to find the right one for you. Start by calling (800) 900-6187 to schedule a state-of-the-art hearing evaluation, or you can simply click here to make an appointment.

There are many symptoms that research has discovered can be associated to types of hearing loss, and you can find out about more of them here. Here are some of the most common signs that your hearing is deteriorating:

  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves in conversations often
  • Struggles in hearing phone conversations
  • Difficulties understanding conversations in public and in loud environments
  • Buzzing, ringing, or hissing noises in one or both ears (known as Tinnitus)
  • It has become harder to understand children and adults with high pitched voices