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With an Affordable Hearing Aid

Life is more enjoyable when you can hear everything clearly. Thanks to the new Beltone Rely hearing aid, the ability to hear is easier than ever before. The Beltone Rely fits every lifestyle.

You can enjoy the company of your loved ones for hours and never have to worry about missing any information in your conversations. This updated version of our premier Beltone hearing aid promises outstanding sound quality, connectivity, and durability.

Beltone Hearing Aids

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Beltone Rely

Outstanding Connectivity

The Beltone Rely offers various connectivity features that enhance your hearing experience. You can connect your new hearing aid directly to your iPhone, iPad, and most Android devices. Once the Rely is connected to your favorite device, you can watch videos and listen to music directly through the hearing aid. The Beltone app also allows you to adjust sounds and control your premium hearing aid volume directly from your smartphone. The noise and speech filters help deliver crystal clear sound in every environment.

Beltone HCP

Beltone Lifetime Care Guarantee

You can have peace of mind when purchasing the new Rely. Every purchase with a Beltone hearing aid comes with a lifetime protection program by BelCare. This includes free hearing aid inspections, cleanings, and repairs. We will also routinely recheck your hearing levels to see if your device needs to be recalibrated. Our goal is to make sure your Beltone Rely hearing aids are always working like new no matter how long you have them.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

High-Performance Chargers

You have the option of two different chargers with the Beltone Rely hearing aid. The high-performance Desktop charger will ensure your battery lasts up to 30 hours on a full charge. There is also a Premium charger that charges the Beltone Rely from any location. The Premium charger also gives you 30 hours of battery life. It only takes a short charge lasting up to three hours to get this lengthy battery life. A quick 30-minute charge will be enough to get you through the entire day.

Hearing Sounds

Hear the Sounds that Matter Most

The purpose of hearing aids is to ensure you get a clear sound in any environment. That is exactly what you will receive when wearing the new Beltone Rely rechargeable hearing aid. The Beltone Rely features our latest technology and has been extensively tested by our designers to ensure you get a clear sound in any environment. Your hearing struggles will be a thing of the past with this high-quality hearing aid.

Ready to Start Hearing Better?

Take the first step towards better hearing by calling (800) 900-6187 or scheduling a hearing screening through our online scheduler.