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Beltone Imagine Custom Rechargeable

The Beltone Imagine Custom rechargeable hearing aid is all about tailoring an earbud-like device to meet your individualized needs. These made-to-measure Beltone hearing aids are jam-packed with award-winning hearing technology and many great convenience features to ensure you get the utmost quality and use of your new hearing aids.

Beltone Imagine Custom Rechargeable

Custom-Made Just For You

Not everyone's lifestyle is the same, and hearing aids should be constructed to fit your unique journey. With the Beltone Imagine Custom, you get truly tailored hearing aids from a Beltone hearing care specialist that will listen to and understand your lifestyle demands.

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Beltone Imagine Custom Rechargeable

Optimum Comfort

At Beltone, we believe there's no point in designing a hearing aid that doesn't provide optimum comfort because you won't be inclined to wear them. The Beltone Imagine Custom is specifically crafted to ensure you have an expert fit that allows you to be comfortable all day long. In fact, you'll likely forget that you're even wearing them.

Beltone Achieve Custom Rechargeable Styles

Colors to Fit Your Style

When we say custom, we mean it. Our Beltone Imagine Custom comes in five different colors. Four of these hues include our natural blend colors to match your skin tone. However, our most popular color is Anthracite, which is a neutral black hue. Due to the Beltone Imagine Custom's unique completely-in-canal (CIC) style, they look similar to earbuds. This makes them a very discrete option.

Rechargeable Devices

The Beltone Imagine Custom is constructed with a fully rechargeable design for easy use. You can invest in a portable charger that will make it a real breeze to give your hearing aids 24 hours of use on one charge.

With Beltone's portable charger, you can always ensure that you're ready to take on any change in plans without struggling with your hearing.

Beltone Imagine Custom Rechargeable

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